IVP has from the outset sought to invest primarily in small to medium sized enterprises in the media and business services sectors with revenues from $10 million to $100 million. IVP invests primarily in North and South America.

The firm looks to add value not just through its ability to finance growth and acquisition strategies, but also through its thorough operating knowledge and hands on help for management in growth strategies. IVP recognizes that the challenges of smaller companies are not the same as their larger counterparts, and can offer value-added services to entrepreneurs and managers that distinguish IVP from most other investing sources.

IVP senior personnel have been involved in more than 40 investments and add-on acquisitions.

As a result of its successful track record in investing and managing businesses, IVP has also created Isis Advisory Partners to work with a select group of firms on buy side analysis, acquisition and post-acquisition integration implementation strategies.